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First of all i would like to point out the way Enrica helped all the way: from booking to planning, answering really fast to any question we had before the trip, regardless if it was about the van itself or the planning of the trip. People find ever less time these days, she on the other hand was always very fast in her replies, making it easier for us to embark to our first trip ever in a van. We travelled with two kids , 5 and 3. It was hard the first night, but it only got better. They loved the bus, and so did we. It had pretty much everything one may need for a 2 weeks trip ( a larger chop board, a chef knife And some wine glasses are the only things I'd recommend purchasing to make it complete. Maybe also a Bialetti for making Italian moka in the morning) : a small kitchen, a mounting table for outside, dishes, bed lines, pillows, a portable toilet and shower ( which we did not use), cutlery , fridge and so on. While we mostly ate in restaurants, we used the kitchen at least 7 or 8 times...made one of my best ragu on this trip, children said. The bus is a T4, so you have to just deal with the fact it eats a little bit of diesel. Other than that it was VERY well kept, tidy and clean for a bus of this generation. Everything worked on the bus, so no unpleasant surprises. We had an amazing time in the bus, riding through southern half of Sardinia. Hope to see you guys again in the future. You are very friendly, open and helpful: what I always expect from Italian people. Tanti auguri. E stata una vera avventura!

Settembre 2018